Friday, 15 May 2020

17 Amazing Pictures that'll Shocked you

Here are some amazing pictures that will shock you.

1. A bat and its young.

2. "Baths of Saturnia", in Italian Tuscany, are a source of thermal waters that flow at a constant temperature of 37.5 degrees.

3. This store uses mirrors to make it look like it's hidden!

4. Flight attendants wearing full body suits as part of new security protocols.

5. This crocodile riding a raccoon.

6. Two sharks sharing the same body.

7. Leather goods in a Malaysian shopping mall store become moldy after a nearly 2-month closure due to the pandemic.

8. My cat's stunted irises.

9. A Platymma tweediei snail, or better known as a fire snail, the largest on the Malaysian peninsula.

10. The construction of the Bruce Wayne (Batman) mansion in LEGO.

11. This is all done with makeup only (by artists Mimi Choi and Dain Yoon)

12. This abandoned snack machine is almost fully supplied.

13. Apple store in Taiwan is shaped like a Macbook.

14. My girlfriend carved this bear out of an avocado seed.

15. Chopping wood this morning I got this bullet in the log I was cutting down.

16. This is how they package Fanta in Norway.

17. This osprey, with a blue herring fish that has just been hunted.

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