Friday, 27 December 2019

25 People Who Really Have A Lucky Day

1. This person has gained a new chance to use his key.

2. That was almost literally.

3. This person is literally very lucky.

4. Found a mini tangerine inside another tangerine.

5. Your kinder Egg has an extra layer of chocolate.

6. It was this lemon that grew in the backyard.

7. Two bananas in a single peel.

8. Seven grapes in one.

9. It's not every day we find one more pizza.

10. It's always good when you don't have to deal with your insurance company.

11. This tree fell into place.

12. This is the beginning of a second chance.

13. He went to get these blueberries and found a coin.

14. The plane is flying low and has passed near…

15. He found a very small seeded avocado.

16. Never forget safety, this one was lucky…

17. This fish has no idea it's your lucky day.

18. You found a very different and fun eggplant.

19. He was very lucky and should even put this shirt on.

20. Lucky boy - he will never forget this moment.

21. This probably saved 2 lives.

22. Glad I was wearing a helmet.

23. He lowered at the right time.

24. The moment you are out of luck, but still very lucky.

25. Amazingly, he was very lucky.