Wednesday, 11 December 2019

18 Photos for Those Who Always Say “I've Seen Everything”

Here are 18 pictures of things that you've never seen before..

1. How about this kit for taking selfies?

2. None of these turtles is the same as the other

3. An alien lemon!

4. They found a diamond with another diamond inside

5. Antarctic ice can show its age just like tree rings. The dark ring is a layer of ash caused by a volcanic eruption that occurred 21,000 years ago.

6. The cent of Surinam is a square coin

7. A mushroom of modest size ...

8. Australian "spiny anteaters" do not care about forest fires. They dig deep into the ground and sleep. Yes, this one had a close encounter with fire, but that's fine.

9. A 2020 car, not yet released on the market, is driven downtown, totally hidden.

10. A mini fridge / sink / hob

11. "I had a quadruple mini banana this morning."

12. "I would like 2 meters of salami please"

13. Winnie Pooh and his friends

14. A hair is stuck in the zip of the sweatshirt ..

15. When nature decides to pretend to be Van Gogh and Picasso at the same time

16. This palace seems two-dimensional seen from this perspective

17. A particular cloud flies over the skies of Reykjavik

18. This photo was made by blowing up a balloon filled with smoke

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