Tuesday, 10 December 2019

17 Pictures Of People Having A Really Bad Day

Here are 17 pictures of people who really have a bad day.

1. Die Hard!

2. “Brother put a cutting board under the pizza so that nothing drips from it”

3. A cupcake in a cup is quick and easy, you say?

4. “My mug managed to fall out of the cupboard right onto the cereal plate”

5. “I have prepared lasagna. Here is the result "

6. “The level of roasting is hellish”

7. “Guess who mixed up the syrup and soy sauce”

8. When I wanted to make soup and accidentally drained the broth

9. A little overdone

10. Repair is useless here, it’s easier to immediately buy a new apartment

. No, this is not a chocolate cake - this is a pizza that was not remembered for 8 hours

12. “I love my girlfriend, but today she managed to burn water”

13. Saturday morning coffee spoiled

14. But you can see right away that this is a great pizza knife

15. “My friend’s mom thought that the croissants themselves curl up in the oven”

16. “Today I decided to try myself cooking”

17. How is this even possible?

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Source: brightside.me