Saturday, 7 December 2019

15 Mysterious Things Found In The Ocean

Here are some mysterious things that found in the ocean..

1. A Christ under the sea

3. There are also workers at the bottom of the sea

4. A large concentration of statues

5. More than $ 10 million in WWII silver was found deep in a sea in Europe.

6. A lost pyramid at the bottom of the sea. It was found at the end of 2010 and is believed to belong to an unknown civilization.

7. A train that inexplicably ended at the bottom of the sea

8. A rubbish graveyard

9. An Egyptian City Over 3,000 Years Old

10. The Japanese underwater monument, Yonaguni

11. A Chinese City Lost in the Deep

12. Egyptian statues found hundreds of miles from home country

13. This vehicle, found in World War II rubbish on the Baltic Sea, became a sensation.

14. The Temple of the Greek Gods is without doubt one of the most dangerous and hard to reach places on the planet.

15. These underwater sculptures were found in a mexican sea