Friday, 13 December 2019

15 Most Amazing Sculptures You've Never Seen In Your Life

Today we're going to share a collection of most amazing sculptures around the world that you've never seen before.

1. Expansion (New York, USA)

2. Freedom (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States)

3. Vaartkapoen by Julien Dillens (Brussels, Belgium)

4. Iguana Park (Amsterdam, Netherlands)

5. Out of service (London, England)

6. The Shark (Oxford, United Kingdom)

7. Building submerged (Melbourne, Australia)

8. Black Ghost (Klaipėda, Lithuania)

9. The Wall Street Bull (New York, United States)

10. Kelpies (Grangemouth, United Kingdom)

11. Travelers (Marseille, France)

12. One day (Adelaida, Australia)

13. Man hanging (Prague, Czech Republic)

14. The Bliss Project (San Francisco, United States)

15. Mihai Eminescu (Onești, Romania)

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