Wednesday, 11 December 2019

13 Designers Who Failed To Use Their Brain

In this post we're going to share 13 pictures in which you'll find, designers din't use their brain while making these things.

1. It is not enough to be caught like this, but even cleaning it is a nightmare.

2. It was made for the joy of the children, which is commendable, well ...

3. If the small letter is not a big problem: Clear text on a light background.

4. The designer of this maze does not seem to understand the essence of the maze.

5. Don't be frightened: this is just a tile design.

6. Why pack something that nature has already packed for us?

7. It is a careful gesture that the blind are also printed in Braille, but this is completely flat.

8. Only heavy things can be baked in this pan.

9. What did the artist mean?

10. This headless toothbrush even pays 1 gets 2 in action not too good a deal.

11. This will make it difficult to compete with the competition.

12. The longer you look, the more scary this coloring is.

13. This automatic transmission is like a radio volume control.

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