Tuesday, 10 December 2019

12 Amazing Pictures That Show The Power Of Mother Nature

Here are 12 pictures that show the power of mother nature.

1. Apparently, this tree from Tokyo decided to lean on the fence with its “hands”

9. Moss covered shoe in the forest

10. Moss grows in perfect hexagons, repeating the pattern of tiles

6. “My friend found a stalk growing from a sink. It sprouted a seed of popcorn. ”

7. The car was parked for a month, and the grass under it remained

2. The squirrel completely filled with acorns a pole with a road sign for the winter

3. A tree engulfed a road sign

4. Real grass sprouted around the edges of the artificial grass

5. Bindweed climbed into a chair to silence the music of the wind

8. This bow was forgotten in the trunk of the car for 4 months

11. The roots of this tree can overcome obstacles

12. The roots repeat the pattern of the sidewalk

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Source: brightside.me