Tuesday, 26 November 2019

22 Worst Designs Ever Made In Fashion Industry

Today we will see a collection that brings together some of the worst decisions ever made in the fashion industry.

1. One hand in the groin and one butt in the chest

This "original" piece belongs to the collection of Yoko Ono, Beatle John Lennon's Japanese singer, visual artist and widow. 
She was accused of plagiarism by a New York designer who claims that Yoko stole her drawings.

2. Pajama pants designed for those who enjoy watching movies all weekend

3. Japanese bikini?
This strange hybrid consists of a thong that holds the rest of the pants.

4. Peugeot Car Fan Pants

5. Yes, this t-shirt is sold in stores.

6. Bed do you call jeans if they are made of plastic?

7. These worn and stained pants can be yours for only $ 425

8. "Anatomically Correct" Leggins

9. The genius wrote a message in French with the background Italian flag

10. I think she lost her hand with the scissors

11. This top is so short it doesn't even have sleeves

11. In translation, they omitted the word "feet" which completely changes the meaning of the sentence.

12. I don't know what's weirder if the suspenders, pants or pointed shoes

13. What is this chiffon tail?

14. When you buy online from a seller in China…

15. Colleen Ballinger is always beautiful, but how to wear a dress with these sleeves?

17. The Most Unnecessary Pocket in History

18. They are roses, but they seem like a minor accident.

19. Windows So Your Knees Don't Get Bored As You Walk

21. A reminder of the state of "California"

22. I don't think this is the correct way to wear a dress

23. And not pants that low