Saturday, 23 November 2019

16 Deep Meaningful Pictures That Show The Reality Of Modern World

I would like to share some of which made me think just looking at these pictures, hope you also feel what i did. Here are some deep meaningful pictures that show the reality of modern world.
1. India 🇮🇳

2. Let the child decide ,hardest truth of the world .
3. Never ending true love
4. Future definition of Humans- “Slaves of Gadgets”
5. Knowledge speaks
6.Start to Save the Earth not to Shave it ….
7. Indirectly proportional
8.Politics and Politicians
9. No use of hardwork
10.Burden of education system
11. 100 % true (one of my favourite)
12. Just the junk .. a lot of junk seriously ..
13. Meant to be in jail
14. Saddest truth…
15. Corruption
16. Sad but true …today’s social media world
Thats all thank you for scrolling down and Sparing some time. Hope u felt the truth .