Thursday, 2 May 2019

This Artist Does For Her Face Will Seriously Mess With Your Head

Surrealists! In the world of makeup artists with original creations, Dain Yoon is one of the most noted artists. Originally from South Korea, this young woman specializes in surreal makeup very often based on her face.

She is a pro in transforming her face into impeccable works that is always original and sometimes disturbing. Between optical illusion and surrealist paintings, Dain shares many creations on her Instagram account.

01. Which drawer are you now in?

02. Body painting with old doll

03. Eternal feeling

04. Reflections

05. Do not you doubt it is photo editing

06. UnMasked

07. The house of Manhae Han Yong-un

8. Leaked Emotions

9. Many Hands

10. Insane!

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