Good day to all of you friends. Welcome back to my blog where you get many new things to learn everyday. Today I have brought an interesting article about some longest living animals in the world. Let me share this interesting article with all of you here.

6. Geoduck, (168 years old):

Let me tell you that geoduck is a large clam native to the west coast of North America. It has a small shell compared to the soft part of its body & produces over five billion eggs throughout their life time.

5. Koi fish, (226 years old):

Ascarlet koi fish named Hanako, was the longest living fish ever recorded. It died at the age of 226 years & it is still a mystery why a fish would live for so long.

4. Aldabra giant tortoise, (255 years old)

Do you know giant tortoises are quite famous for their incredible longevity but Aldabra giant tortoise was a truly unique animal that died at the age of 255 years.

3. Greenland shark, (400 years old):

Greenland sharks are the oldest known vertebrate to roam the Earth. They reach maturity at the age of around 150 years & generally live for as long as 400 years.

2. Ocean quahog, (507 years old):

Let me tell you that ocean quahog is a species of edible clam, a marine bivalve mollusk that lives a very long life adding one layer to its shell each year. They live for 507 years, the highest reported age among non-colonial species.

1. Antarctic sponge, (1550 years old):

Do you know majority of scientists think that the Antarctic sponge is able to live for centuries due to the extremely low temperatures of the Antarctic Ocean & their slow growth rate. The oldest known specimens are 1,550 years old. What do you say about this post guys?