Today we have brought an interesting article about some most expensive things owned by Bill Gates. Let me reveal this article with all of you here.

6. Private Jet:

Do you know Bill Gates owns a private Jet that can compete against high-end corporate jets like Boeing 737 BBJ, Gulfstream V & Airbus ACJ319.

5. Artworks:

You will be surprised to know that Bill Gates owns a painting 'Lost on the Grand Banks' for $36 million in the year 1998.

4. Artificial Stream & A Beach:

Let me tell you that Bill Gates owns an artificial stream & a beach which is shown in the above picture.

3. Cars:

Bill Gates prefers to be old school when it comes to cars & so he owns a 1988 Porsche, 959 Coupe, A Porsche 911 Carrera & a Porsche 930 A.

2. Library:

Bill Gates love reading books as much as he loves his gadgets & so he has a whole library in his house. His books library is 2,100 square foot.

1. His house:

Do you know Bill Gates house is reported to be worth $123.54 Million & it literally took 7 years to construct this house. How many of you want to be rich like him guys?