Thursday, 16 May 2019

15 Hollywood Celebrities Who Do Not Look Their Age

The challenge of the 10 years that took over social networks a few weeks ago made many of us look a decade ago to see how we looked. While some of us notice some new wrinkles in the corners of our eyes, others seem to have aged in reverse.
Celebrities are no exception, and in this compilation we will show you some stars whose youthful appearance makes us think: "Have you stopped the clock?".

1. Will Smith.

2. Salma Hayek.

3. Debra Messing.

4. Penelope Cruz.

5. Pharrell Williams.

6. Eva Longoria.

7. Naomi Campbell.

8. Hugh Jackman.

9. Julianne Moore.

10. Julia Roberts.

11. Christina Ricci.

12. Demi Moore.

13. Jennifer Lopez.

14. Matthew McConaughey.

15. Jennifer Love-Hewitt.


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where is Dwayne the rock Johnson