Saturday, 2 March 2019

5-Year-old boy receives a Benz car for doing 4,105 Push-Ups in 2hrs

More than 90% of people who register with a gym quit within the first 3 months. This is because when they begin to workout, many of them have unrealistic expectations and are less knowledgeable about which exercises to perform to achieve their intended goals. But Rahim Kurayev is an exception and he joined the gym only to become fame at a young age.

Rahim Kurayev, named "Chechen Schwarzenegger" is one of the youngest talents in Chechnya. Although at age 5, he possesses impressive quality. Kurayev has managed to make 4,105 drops (push ups) within 2 hours and 25 minutes.

He works hard every day and has a muscle at a young age. 

Although this record is not officially recognized by Guinness Staff , Chechnya President After hearing the news, president Of Chechen Republic was amazed at his performance and gave him a white Merc worth £28,000 after he was able to power through two hours and 25-minutes of press-ups.

It is reported that The president personally handed the keys to Rahim and said, "Let your dad drive it to exercise, you don't have to take a taxi."

Rakhim's goal is to break the world record. If this is his dream, and he is willing to work hard for it, we will bless him.