Saturday, 2 March 2019

10 Strangest World Records Ever Set; You Won't Believe Exist -

Hello guys, Well today I am not talking about some fictional characters in animes. I am here to tell something weird. You know without any doubt that some people have bizarre and crazy ideas. They are all good to set a record. Take a look at some of them who has got guts...

01. Fastest Crushing of watermelons by thighs

This is not a mistake! Here is Olga Liaschuk , a mighty Ukrainian woman has set the record for crushing three watermelons in just 14.65 seconds.

02. Most consecutive stairs climbed on the head.

This was achieved by the Chinese athlete Li Long Long , beating 36 steps of stairs on January 5, 2015 in the Chinese city of Jiangsu. He beat his own record then.

03. Most number of rotations per minute hanging from a drill

This smiling guy named Huy Giang made a world record of most rotations hanging from a power drill machine. He did 148 rotations per minute.

04. Most number of straws pushed into the mouth by hand

Take a breath now and Know that We Indians are not well behind in setting crazy records. Karate Nataraj from Tamilnadu managed to stuff 692 drinking straws stuffed in his mouth and hold them there with his hands.

05. Most gurning world champion wins by a female

" Gurning " is a term that means tuning your face look stupid and grotesque. If the very concept of organizing the World Cup in this strange discipline is not enough, there is also a world record for Guinness for winning the first place several times, established by Ann Woods, who won the competition 27 times since 1977.

06. The longest distance defeated with a table raised with the help of teeth

George Christen showed the world his set of mighty teeth, lifting a 12-kilogram table, with a 50-pound person seated on it, and then running with him 11.8 meters. He made his feat on February 9, 2008 during the " Lo Show Dei Records " program in Spain.

07. The longest time spent in full contact with ice

Torture will never break this man. Songhao Jin persevered, lying naked on the ice for 1 hour, 35 minutes and 10 seconds. He did this during the Guinness Book of Records event in Xiamen, Fujian in China on September 4, 2014.

08. The largest number of ice cream balls kept in one wafer cone

If this man ate all the ice, instead of balancing them, that would be just something ... Dmitri Panciera set a record of keeping the balance of 121 balls of ice cream in one cone, September 20, 2015. His previous record was 109 balls.

09. The most pints of beer transferred over a distance of over 40 m

In the Bavarian city of Abensberg t there was the competition of the largest number of beers transported! And it is the German Waiter Oliver Struempfel who won the competition with no less than 27 one-liter mugs transported over 40 meters.

10. Most Big Macs eaten

Don Gorske from Wisconsin has been documenting his love affair with the flagship burger Big Mac at McDonald's since the early 70s and has eaten 30000 Big Macs from McDonald's, and he has the receipts to prove it.

Knew them before? Which is the most crazy record according to you? Tell me in the comments box please.