Sunday, 3 March 2019

10 Hilarious Pictures of Thai Model Creating Cosplay Recreations of Celebrities

Hello guys, hearty welcome you to all to our blog. Guys the art of cosplay as a hobby is growing all over the world even though it costs a lot and requires a high level of creativity. Recently, a cosplay enthusiast from Thailand became viral in the twinkling of an eye after she re-introduced Aquaman by using pineapple, vegetables and corn! Great creative ideas!.

Thai star of social networks Sine Benjaphorn (Sine Benjaphorn), 22, present high-quality cosplay on the Web even more than enough, and sophisticated viewers are no surprise. However, the secret came up with her chip - she creates her costumes with the help of food. Let's get a look! 
01. AquaMan Vs. Pineapple Woman

02. Monalisa Vs. Mona Pizza

03. Ya Ya Vs. Grandma

04. Just after entering the forest Vs. After eating every edible thing in the forest

05. Ready to serve the Yanxi Palace

06. Hairstyle of 2019

07. Louis Koo

08. Black Panther Vs. Foremost chocolate can

09. Princess Jamil Vs. Princess Veg & Fruit 

10. How to lead

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