Sunday, 21 October 2018

22+ Rare Photos Reveal The Unseen Side Of Things

This world is an amazing place for everyone, if you contemplate on things around yourself, you may rediscover amazing things, facts and hidden truths about the objects that you see every day. In this post we are sharing rare photos of common objects to make you rediscover their unseen side and may be even expend your horizon.
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  • The Inside of a cluster bomb

    • Tortoises’ Skeletons
    • The inside view of a Guitar
    • This is how Brick Streets are laid in The Netherlands
    • Photo of a Space shuttle leaving our Atmosphere.
    • Underside of a Lilly pad
    • The Blood vessels of a hand
    • A Modern combat ship with No Water around it
    • An Early Human Embryo on the Tip of a needle ( At one point, we ALL look like that )
    • The Top of Everest with flags left by people who climbed the mountain
    • Inside of the Bank Vault Door showing the Beautiful Engineering from 1800s
    • Installation of Huge Power Line Towers
    • The interior of the Leaning Tower of Pisa is empty
    • Traffic control room in Beijing, China
    • A 9-volt battery Is 6-AAAA batteries taped together
    • An Offshore wind turbine blade displayed in U.K ( Previous biggest blade was 83 metres (U.K). Now 107m blade by GE Renewable was the record maker)
    • The space behind a movie Theater screen looks like this
    • This how a water bottle looks like at initial stage. Then hot air is blown into it to get the required shape

    • This is what it looks like when an Escalator is being built
    • Inside of a Frag Grenade
    • This is what the Inside of a Bowling Ball and the end of Bowling alley looks like

    • Inside of a Air Mattress looks like an Alien cave

    • There is something odd about pigeons. We see them old and hobbling, mature and wise, young and a little foolish, playing a game of proverbial chicken with the oncoming traffic. Yet we never see their babies.
    • During eye donation, they won’t take the complete eye….They take a part of eye called CORNEA which is transplanted to the other. This how an eyeball looks like after having a cornea transplant and stitches. Incredible Doctors!!
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