Sunday, 21 October 2018

20 Pictures (without text) with deep meaning(s)

Here are some pictures with deep meanings and without text.
1st- Age of equality

2nd- sad reality of today's busy life
3rd- dimag ki batti jala de.
4th-only writting in social media won't help.
5th- both sides of a coin
6th- very much applicable in today's world
7th- Bali ke bakre
8th- we all have been fooled at least once in life
9th- Nothing to say
10th- save the earth
11th - well again……
12th - balanced diet for brain too
13th- likes and comments cannot fill a stomach
14th- our brain made computer and now computer is making our brains
15th- the reason is obvious
16th- many children ddoesn't know how it feels like having a family
17th- Identifying yourself is the biggest challenge.
18th- humans are selfish at times
19th- Happens sometimes

20th- men will be men
Thank u.