Tuesday, 17 September 2019

9 Images that will make you look twice to understand them

The human being is very observant, but there are times when what we see does not add up and we have to focus well in order to understand what is happening. Next, we will see some spectacular images that will make us question absolutely everything we thought was true.

01. A toilet in the middle of the hall?

If someone sees him on the wrong side, he can get a bad impression and think that this guy is easing in the middle of the hall, but in reality he is only playing Candy Crush as a sick person.

02. The float cat

Cats may be related to wizards and witches, however in this case it is most likely that you simply sit on the glass of the car looking at the horizon as all cats do.

03. What is this animal?

Is it some weird crossing? Is it a dragon? A mixture between an otter and a cat? A new species? Well, it's really just a dog lying on its back.

04. Giant Attack

If a giant spider wants the car to keep it. Although if we move away a little we will see that the spider is actually small and that it is an effect caused by the fact that it is facing the camera.

05. Locked up?

The pattern on the tiles makes it look like it is a kind of tower when we look at it from above.

06. The Siamese?

The perfect angle to merge a human with another woman without the need for any mobile application.

07. The drawn restaurant

Many may think that this is a drawing, but in reality this restaurant is that original.

08. Two in One

If you have seen two vehicles several times you will have realized that it is actually a painting on the van.

09. The dark lord has returned

Those of you who have seen Harry Potter and the philosopher's stone will surely see Lord Voldemort on this person's knees.

10 Pictures That Reveal The Truth Behind Photography

We often go around Instagram seeing the perfect lives of people thinking that we would like to live like them, but the reality is that many of those accounts only show us the best version of those people and, sometimes, that version is not real.
And if you have photography skills and a little ingenuity, you can capture really beautiful and original images with very few resources.
With the cherries
The photo came out perfect, but the girl ended the session with fruits.
Margarita or Marijuana?
In the first photo it is clear that they are daisies, but in the second it seems that it has been stretched on top of a lot of marijuana plants.
In the Middle
The photo was great and the girl only had to spend two hours hidden among those bushes to make the session.
A little bit of Photoshop
The shirt contradicts the photo and that didn't need photoshop to be fixed.
On fire
The photo is really cool, unfortunately the fact of taking it means that someone will play life by burning a map while holding it with their hands.
The cold is real
Do you think the photo makes it worth having hypothermia?
It looks like a drawing
He was so long waiting for the picture that mushrooms came out on his head.
This can be dangerous
Those of you who have seen Hereditary know how dangerous it is to take the body out of the car window.
Surely there was the classic lady with her cart complaining that these damn millennials do not let her take bananas because they have been taking pictures for an hour.
We do not say it for the uncle taking the picture from the roof, but because the girl can swallow the dice in a mistake.
In any case, all this paraphernalia is not bad and it is true that photographers have always used resources like these to improve their images, the difference is that today anyone uses Instagram to sell something that is not, not only to get a beautiful image.

Sunday, 15 September 2019

These people wanted to take a normal picture and ended up creating masterpieces

The art of photography is being devalued due to the fact that everyone has access to a good camera and is created as a photographer with four filters. And it is that you are forgetting that to take good photos you need to have, at least, notions of photography although, as you will see below, it is important to be in the right moment and place and have that lucky point.

The best vacations of your life

They were with friends in tailánda and they took this photo. It will surely be the best photo you take in your life.


His friends did not want him to marry, so they decided that they would rather break his head against the ceiling than verse handcuffed for life.

The pine in the water

How many times did they have to repeat the photo to make it perfect?

I'm going to live underwater

This man was returning from work when he was told that his mother-in-law was coming to dinner at home. So he did the only thing he could do and threw himself into the river.

So cute

The cat does not know that it was being captured on different mirrors

Bull BY THE Horns

These men learned that if you mess with the bull you will get the horns


This couple looks like things on their motorcycle have taken a turn for the worse

10 Brutally Illustrations About Modern Life

If we were to contemplate the world we live in and the society we have, we would end up really scared and worried. Although at the same time, everyone in the background knows the state we are in, that the world is a matter of real concern, but we prefer to continue with our lives as if nothing happens ignoring everything around.

However, there are those who refuse to do so and make various attempts because everyone around them reflects on the matter, the best example of this is the illustrations that we show below.
It is a set of illustrations that reflect our reality, that show us as we are in this modern era with all our problems, which we must stop once and for all. Look at this art and if you still don't fully understand our world, such images will help you do it.


Go Green!


Finding Sun



Angry Birds




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Thursday, 5 September 2019

18 Cats That Were Jerks To Dogs And Had Zero Remorse

Long time ago I didn’t release jokes about cats, so I decided to start this working week with just such a positive. May this day not be difficult for you: it will be easy, without unpleasant adventures and on a positive note. Well, cats to help you.

01. They never make equally adorable friends.

02. They are creepy in fighting. I mean, are you kidding me with those body rolls?

03. They'll refuse to be sweet to your loving gestures

04. They're not here for your luxury on cat support products

05. They refuse to participate in your favorite holidays

06. They'll never help you get motivated for big events and works

07. They never make equally adorable friendship with human beings

08. This cat that thought this would be the perfect time to make us call for an exorcist

09. These cats that had murder on the mind:

10. And these cats that took ownership of the stairs

11. This cat that wasn't about to try new things

12. This cat that found the best seat in the world to rule the world

13. This cat that knew what they did and had no problem with it

14. They'll totally clash with your well-curated toilet

15. They look authoritative while snuggling with other buddies

16. They'll refuse to move till you turn yourself into human statue

17. This cat that knows where his priorities should be

18. They won't let you pet them

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