Wednesday, 11 December 2019

13 Designers Who Failed To Use Their Brain

In this post we're going to share 13 pictures in which you'll find, designers din't use their brain while making these things.

1. It is not enough to be caught like this, but even cleaning it is a nightmare.

2. It was made for the joy of the children, which is commendable, well ...

3. If the small letter is not a big problem: Clear text on a light background.

4. The designer of this maze does not seem to understand the essence of the maze.

5. Don't be frightened: this is just a tile design.

6. Why pack something that nature has already packed for us?

7. It is a careful gesture that the blind are also printed in Braille, but this is completely flat.

8. Only heavy things can be baked in this pan.

9. What did the artist mean?

10. This headless toothbrush even pays 1 gets 2 in action not too good a deal.

11. This will make it difficult to compete with the competition.

12. The longer you look, the more scary this coloring is.

13. This automatic transmission is like a radio volume control.

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14 Amazing Cool Inventions That'll Make Your Work More Easy

Here we're going to share some amazing cool inventions that'll make your work easy.

1. This baby stroller can be folded in 5 seconds and saves space in the car.

2. Looks like it's easy to use control

3. This jar of hand cream has a rubber band on the lid to help you open it easily while your hands apply the cream.

4. This house is a small house. For dogs and it also has air conditioning

5. A dishwashing liquid bottle that you can put on a sponge.

6. This bulb has its own individual switches that you can easily turn on and off.

7. These toilets have lights listed above on the status of bathroom use, which rooms are available or busy.

8. This tool can help you to spread the book for reading easily.

9. In supermarkets in the United Kingdom, customers can buy wine with a glass straight away.

10. Suki pots separated into 2 sides for a variety of water

11. A small office for those who like the quiet work. It makes no hassle

12. Dry soap in the hotel bathroom

13. A gym There is a large simulation screen So that people who exercise can enjoy while they are cycling

14. Windshield stickers to prevent rain.

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18 Photos for Those Who Always Say “I've Seen Everything”

Here are 18 pictures of things that you've never seen before..

1. How about this kit for taking selfies?

2. None of these turtles is the same as the other

3. An alien lemon!

4. They found a diamond with another diamond inside

5. Antarctic ice can show its age just like tree rings. The dark ring is a layer of ash caused by a volcanic eruption that occurred 21,000 years ago.

6. The cent of Surinam is a square coin

7. A mushroom of modest size ...

8. Australian "spiny anteaters" do not care about forest fires. They dig deep into the ground and sleep. Yes, this one had a close encounter with fire, but that's fine.

9. A 2020 car, not yet released on the market, is driven downtown, totally hidden.

10. A mini fridge / sink / hob

11. "I had a quadruple mini banana this morning."

12. "I would like 2 meters of salami please"

13. Winnie Pooh and his friends

14. A hair is stuck in the zip of the sweatshirt ..

15. When nature decides to pretend to be Van Gogh and Picasso at the same time

16. This palace seems two-dimensional seen from this perspective

17. A particular cloud flies over the skies of Reykjavik

18. This photo was made by blowing up a balloon filled with smoke

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Tuesday, 10 December 2019

17 Pictures Of People Having A Really Bad Day

Here are 17 pictures of people who really have a bad day.

1. Die Hard!

2. “Brother put a cutting board under the pizza so that nothing drips from it”

3. A cupcake in a cup is quick and easy, you say?

4. “My mug managed to fall out of the cupboard right onto the cereal plate”

5. “I have prepared lasagna. Here is the result "

6. “The level of roasting is hellish”

7. “Guess who mixed up the syrup and soy sauce”

8. When I wanted to make soup and accidentally drained the broth

9. A little overdone

10. Repair is useless here, it’s easier to immediately buy a new apartment

. No, this is not a chocolate cake - this is a pizza that was not remembered for 8 hours

12. “I love my girlfriend, but today she managed to burn water”

13. Saturday morning coffee spoiled

14. But you can see right away that this is a great pizza knife

15. “My friend’s mom thought that the croissants themselves curl up in the oven”

16. “Today I decided to try myself cooking”

17. How is this even possible?

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